Chemistry and Biochemistry

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The department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UC Santa Barbara is dedicated to performing cutting edge chemical and biochemical research in an environmentally and ethically sound manner, in service to the county of Santa Barbara, the state of California, and the world. They are committed to addressing the grand challenges that humanity faces in the 21st century and believe that chemistry and biochemistry are at the forefront of this endeavor.  In accord with this mission, they strive towards excellence in undergraduate, graduate, and outreach education, and instill in graduates the skills and drive necessary to meet these challenges. 

Degress offered include a B.A. in Chemistry, a B.S. in Chemistry, or a Bachelor of Science B.S. in Biochemistry. 

Faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduate students in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry participate in UCSB interdisciplinary research organizations.