The Division of Mathematical, Life, and Physical Sciences (MLPS) promotes quantitative and scientific literacy essential to participation in an increasingly technological world. Professors prepare students not only by teaching the accumulated formal knowledge and structure in various disciplines, but also training them to think independently.

Undergraduate Resources

As an undergraduate studying the sciences or mathematics in the College of Letters & Science, you will receive an outstanding education that combines specialization in your chosen major with a comprehensive liberal arts education. You will have opportunities to undertake your own scientific research, be part of a professor’s research group, or pursue internships that can enhance your skills and career prospects

A degree from the Division of Sciences will prepare you to succeed in academia, scientific research, medical school or one of the other health professions, business, or the non-profit sector. 

The division offers courses and degrees in many different disciplines. You can choose from over 40 majors, ranging from actuarial science to zoology. The division offers both B.S. and B.A. programs. Detailed information on the different majors and their requirements is available through the General Catalog.

As an undergraduate at UCSB, you will benefit from being part of an internationally renowned research university, with its outstanding faculty and facilities, and also have access to the support and tools you will need to succeed academically. 

More than 50% of UC Santa Barbara undergraduates assist faculty with their research

Advising and tutoring

The College's Division of Undergraduate Education offers comprehensive academic advising and can help you to choose a major, plan your academic program, and assess your overall progress to your degree. Further information about these advising services is available here.

The division has a special advising program for students interested in medical school and the health professions, with dedicated staff advisers and medical professionals available to counsel students.

In addition to college advisors, every department has a staff undergraduate adviser who can help you plan your curriculum, choose your courses, provide information about departmental honors, internship opportunities and career options, and answer questions about your specific department.

There are also student peer advisors in the Division of Undergraduate Education and many departments. These peer advisors can answer many questions and offer advice based on their own experiences.

The science curriculum is demanding, and will require a lot of hard work on your part, especially during the first two years. The College has a number of services to assist you. Campus Learning Assistance Service (CLAS) offers a variety of free weekly tutorial groups for lower-division math and science courses including calculus, statistics, chemistry, biology, and physics. They also offer free drop-in tutorial labs. CLAS can help you improve your problem-solving skills and keep up with course reading, and we encourage you to make their services part of your study routine.

Graduate Resources

On a campus renowned for interdisciplinary study and research, the sciences at UC Santa Barbara offer graduate students a unique experience that stems from the removal of barriers between disciplines.

In addition to graduate programs in mathematics and statistics, psychology and biology, chemistry and biochemistry, earth science, and geography, UCSB offers special interdisciplinary programs in biomolecular science and engineering. Students may also pursue interdisciplinary Ph.D. emphases in cognitive science, human development, quantitative methods in the social sciences, and computational science and engineering,

A group of remarkable centers and institutes on campus offer unique opportunities for furthering interdisciplinary work and for interactions with distinguished visiting scientists from around the world. 

For information on programs and admission requirements, visit UCSB's Graduate Division.

The sciences at UC Santa Barbara offer graduate students a unique experience that stems from the removal of barriers between disciplines.