A Remarkable Impact


It’s a rare few scientists whose discoveries are so monumental that they leave an indelible mark upon society. Among them is UC Santa Barbara’s Tanya Atwater(link is external), who has watched her groundbreaking research transition into common knowledge.

Now, the Geological Society of London has awarded Atwater the Wollaston Medal(link is external) for her contribution to the theory of seafloor spreading and the geology of western North America. This medal is given to geoscientists who have had a significant influence through a substantial body of excellent research in pure and applied aspects of earth science. First awarded in 1831, the Wollaston Medal is the society’s highest honor.

“It’s a little late,” chuckled Atwater, who has technically been retired for 14 years now. “I could’ve used it a while ago.” Atwater is accustomed to sweating hard for recognition. She was a mover and shaker at a time when women had to fight their way into the scientific profession.

News Date: 

Tuesday, June 21, 2022