SCIENCE EXPRESS: Jayich and team's study may lead to MRIs on a Nanoscale

February 27, 2012

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) on the nanoscale would enable scientists to image the structure of a single protein, an as-yet unaccomplished feat described as “one of the holy grails of structural biology.” Assistant physics professor Ania Bleszynski Jayich contributed to new research suggesting that the feasibility of such an advancement is growing stronger. A study co-authored by Jayich found that a quantum magnetic spin can be coupled with a mechanical resonator to potentially create a nanoscale sensing technique — a technique that could pave the way for a nano MRI. READ MORE (UCSB Featured News)

Ania Bleszynski Jayich  
Ania Bleszynski Jayich                                          

    MRI Nanoscale
The magnetic field emanating from a mechanical resonator affects the quantum state of a nitrogen vacancy center in diamond.
Credit: Quirin Unterreithmeier