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Bacteria switch between antibiotic susceptible-to-resistant states during infection using a Trojan horse strategy. Photo Credit: ILLUSTRATION BY PETER ALLEN
Artist's rendition of laser-propelled interstellar mission - Adrian Mann
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UC Santa Barbara offers a dynamic scientific community, world-class research and scholarship, and innovative courses and programs. Studying in the Division of Mathematical, Life and Physical Sciences, whether as an undergraduate or graduate, gives our students outstanding preparation for careers in the sciences, industry, business or for continued academic research.


Mathematical, Life, and Physical Sciences in the news
October 1, 2015
  • Pilots in cockpit

Study by UCSB and NASA reveals challenges of watching computers fly the plane.
Photo Credit: iStock/carlosphotos


September 28, 2015
  • Peter Coffey and Dennis Clegg

Peter Coffey and Dennis Clegg

Photo Credit: 

Rod Rolle

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Peter Coffey and Dennis Clegg
Photo Credit: Rod Rolle

September 22, 2015
  • Handa, Lipshutz, Wang

Bruce Lipshutz is flanked by visting researchers Sachin Handa and Ye Wang.
Photo Credit: Sonia Fernandez


Divisional announcements and opportunities
  • Craig Montell

Professor Craig Montell
Photo Credit: Sonia Fernandez

  • UCSB Wave

In its 2016 listing of the “Top 30 Public National Universities” in the country, U.S. News & World Report has ranked UC Santa Barbara number 8. This marks the university’s highest ranking ever in the magazine’s annual listing.

  • The composition of basalt is similar to known asteroids.

The composition of basalt is similar to known asteroids.
Photo Credit: Sonia Fernandez

  • Retina

A new therapy for retinitis pigmentosa, developed in part at UCSB, begins clinical trials.
A ball of progenitor cells (multicolored) is injected into the eye, in the hopes that it will protect the photoreceptors in the retina (the gray layers above the ball)
Photo Credit: Geoffrey Lewis