Graduate Study and Research Opportunities

graduate students at UCSB

On a campus renowned for interdisciplinary study and research, the sciences at UC Santa Barbara offer graduate students a unique experience that stems from the removal of barriers between disciplines.

In addition to graduate programs in mathematics and statistics, psychology and biology, chemistry and biochemistry, earth science, and geography, UCSB offers special interdisciplinary programs in biomolecular science and engineering. Students may also pursue interdisciplinary Ph.D. emphases in cognitive science, human development, quantitative methods in the social sciences, and computational science and engineering, 

The science faculty includes four Nobel laureates, as well as numerous elected members or fellows of the National Academy of Sciences (35), the National Academy of Engineering (25), the Institute of Medicine (1), the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (25), and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (60). Additionally, more than twenty of out young faculty members have active Faculty Early Career Development Awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

A group of remarkable centers and institutes on campus offer unique opportunities for furthering interdisciplinary work and for interactions with distinguished visiting scientists from around the world. 

For information on programs and admission requirements, visit UCSB's Graduate Division.